ADA Housing Request

Documentation Guidelines and Procedures for Requesting a Reasonable Housing or Meal Plan Accommodation

Students can request housing accommodations by  (1) Registering with the Office of Disability Services (Mark Housing Only on the Form) and (2) Upload the completed ADA Housing Request Health Care Form [PDF] along with the supporting documentation.

The ADA Housing Health Care Request form is to be used: (1) if you would like the University to consider any medical, psychological or other disability-related needs when making your housing assignment; (2) to request room adaptations; and/or (3) to request an exemption or modification of existing meal plan(s).

** Please note, a request for an “Assistance Animal that is for comfort or emotional support” is an addition form to be completed. The policy and procedures regarding requests for emotional support animals can be found on the Office of Disability Services (ODS) website. Keep in mind, use of service animals does require any documentation or approval process. If it is not readily apparent that the person has a disability, we may ask the person if the animal is a service animal required because of a disability, and for an explanation of the work or task that the animal has been trained to perform.

For detailed information including definitions of “Emotional Support Animal” and “Service Animal” please refer to the ADA Assistant Animal Information Form.

Syracuse University reserves the right to substitute an appropriate alternative accommodation for the one requested.

Syracuse University (SU) is committed to providing fair and reasonable accommodations to all students residing in University Housing. Our commitment to the living and learning environment is central to our mission.

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Review Process

To evaluate all requests accurately and equitably, documentation supporting a request will be reviewed by the Director of Disability Services, who will consult with other SU staff depending on the disability and accommodation being requested. All documentation will be held by the Office of Disability Services to be shared only with those who have a need to know, consistent with applicable legal requirements. Requests may take ten (10) to fourteen (14) business days to process after all supporting documentation is received, although the actual length of the review process may vary depending upon the application volume and the complexity of the issues involved.

Requests will not be considered until all supporting documentation is received.

Once your request has been evaluated, a recommendation will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel in Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card or Food Services for processing and the student will be copied on the notification. All communications will be via a student’s email address.

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Documentation Guidelines

To determine eligibility for changes to the housing environment or meal plan, a student must be a qualified student with a disability (i.e., a physical or mental impairment(s) that substantially limits one or more major life activities) and submit documentation from the appropriate licensed professional or healthcare provider. The provider must be familiar with the history and functional limitations of the student’s disability. The provider cannot be a relative of the student.

Specific to housing, we ask that the professional/provider respond to the following questions and submit supporting documents, medical records or other related assessments to support the specific housing recommendations.

  • Specific housing related recommendations.
  • Is there a negative health impact that may be permanent if the specific request is not met, can you recommend alternate accommodations?
  • Is the student’s medical condition/disability permanent or cyclical?
  • Is the request an integral component of a treatment plan for the condition/disability in question, if yes, please explain?
  • Does the request center on room adaptations necessary for safe and independent occupancy in the residence hall?
  • Describe the likely impact on academic performance if the request is not met?
  • Describe the likely impact on social development if the request is not met?
  • What medications does the student take for the condition and are there potential side effects that may further impact living in the residence hall and/or unit or apartment?

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For any accommodation request that is denied, or when a student has been given an alternate accommodation that he/she perceives to be inadequate, a student may appeal that decision to Aaron Hodukavich at, Director & ADA Coordinator of Syracuse University.

We will make every effort to address appeals in a timely manner.

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