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Exam Services

Below is a list of helpful exam administration information:

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Instructors may encounter students with disabilities in their courses who need disability-related testing academic adjustments. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) assists instructors in administering exams to students through a test proctoring service available at ODS. In order for students to take examinations at ODS, instructors and students are requested to follow these procedures:

    • Students requesting academic adjustments and supports must be registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and provide documentation of a disability. Once a student has registered with ODS, he or she is assigned a counselor who will work with the student to develop an Accommodation Authorization Letter. This letter states the academic adjustments (accommodations) and supports the student needs based on his or her disability.
    • Students are instructed to bring copies of their Accommodation Authorization Letters to their instructors and to discuss their need for academic adjustments. If students will need testing academic adjustments, the instructors and students should discuss whether exams will be administered by ODS. Instructors must have a statement on their syllabi informing students about how to request academic adjustments. Please refer to the following link for the syllabus statement.
    • Exams taken at ODS will be scheduled at the same time that they are given in class. If necessary, alternate exam times will be arranged between the student, ODS, and the instructor.
    •  If students will be taking exams at ODS, they need to discuss with their professor any conflicts for their exams and agree upon a time and date that is approved by the professor to take the exam. The student must then sign-up for their exams through ODS by completing a Single Test Sign-up sheet at least 3 business days in advance to accommodate their request.
    • Students with disabilities are entitled to the same access as their non-disabled peers, this includes but not limited to opportunities to ask questions during exams. Students accessing accommodations in ODS do not forfeit opportunities that their non-disabled peers have. We ask that you kindly provide your contact information on the exam form below.
    • When submitting an exam, please include the exam and the exam form.
    • We kindly request that all exams are submitted at least 1 business day in advance if possible. Instructors should indicate which of these options they prefer when they submit their exam on either the exam form or auto reply email that is generated upon exam submission (For info read the exam automated reply message). Emailed exams should be sent to examsods@syr.edu.
    • Instructors may hand deliver, email, or request an ODS courier pick-up for each exam, but please note that courier hours are only from 2-3PM each day and faculty members should email examsods@syr.edu a reminder to picked up the exam. Please be sure to indicate the department, building name, and address for where the exam will be picked up from.
  • If instructors have questions regarding the administration of exams at ODS, they are encouraged to contact an ODS Testing Center at (315) 443-3606 or refer to Syracuse University FACULTY information sheet about testing. If instructors have questions regarding accommodating students with disabilities in the classroom, they are encouraged to contact an ODS counselor at (315) 443-4498.

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Note Taking Services

The provision of note-taking academic adjustments is an interactive process involving the student, the Office of Disability Services (ODS) Counselor, Service Coordinator for Note-taking Assistance, and faculty. Many professors at SU provide copies of their lecture notes and power point presentations on-line. When necessary, the ODS Service Coordinator will work together with a student and the instructor to make arrangements for class notes. Students in need of this academic adjustments must contact the ODS Service Coordinator, submit a Note-taking Request Form, and become oriented to the procedures for accessing the requested notes. Students will need to bring a copy of their course syllabus and class schedule to this meeting. Because this service requires advanced planning, it is important that students begin the process for a request as early as possible. The ODS Service Coordinator for Note-taking Services will provide each student with an Orientation to the procedures for accessing this on-line service, answer any ongoing questions, and provide support as needed. 
For more information:
Coordinator for Note-taking Services. 
Phone: 315-443-4498

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