Building/Classroom Academic Adjustments

Syracuse University is committed to ensuring architectural and programmatic access for individuals with disabilities. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) works closely with University departments and staff to ensure that the classes in which a student is enrolled are located in buildings and classrooms that are accessible. Academic adjustments (accommodations) may include, but are not limited to, moving a class or meeting to another location, providing accessible furniture, providing necessary technology, and/or providing other needed adjustments.

Assistive technology and Assistive Listening Systems are permanently installed in many of the campus auditoriums and/or large lecture classrooms. Portable Assistive Listening Systems are also available for loan through the Office of Disability Services.

The Syracuse University Safety Department works to provide a safe campus environment. Students who anticipate a need for assistance during an emergency evacuation should follow the guidelines outlined by the Safety Department. If a student with a disability anticipates that they may have difficulty in evacuating a campus building, they should request that the ODS arrange to have a copy of their class location and times be put on file with the Department of Public Safety.

SU Safety Department Evacuation Procedures:
Emergency Procedures Reference Guide: