Learning Assessment Center (LAC) at ODS

The Learning Assessment Center is operated by the Office of Disability Services at Syracuse University, as a service to the Syracuse University and SUNY ESF community. The Center was formed in 2002 in response to the growing need for diagnostic evaluations of college students who may have learning disabilities. Public education had seen a dramatic rise in the number of secondary students with educational disabilities and many in this population were going on to attend colleges and universities. Our Learning Assessment Center at Syracuse University provides consultant and diagnostic services to university students who suspect they may have a learning disability. Many of these students have experienced academic difficulties throughout their education and may have been un- or misdiagnosed. At the college level, their difficulties are often magnified and many are unable to succeed. This is where a comprehensive evaluation for a learning disability can be of great benefit. Being that the Center is under the auspices of the Office of Disability Services, evaluations are easily linked to the types of support services and disability related services that may be necessary.

The services provided by the Learning Assessment Center are not legally required under the American Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act but are offered as a courtesy through Syracuse University. Consultations, screenings, and evaluations are conducted by a New York State certified school psychologist. Students have the option of securing an evaluation through an independent practitioner of choice at any time.   This evaluation is not connected to any services you may need through the Syracuse University Office of Disability Services. Further, the results of the psychoeducational evaluation do not guarantee eligibility for services and/or specific academic adjustments by the Office of Disability Services at Syracuse University/ESF or for other post-secondary institutions; graduate entrance exams (e.g., GRE, GMAT); law school entrance and/or bar exams; or medical board exams.

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How to Contact the Learning Assessment Center (LAC)

  1. Complete the Self Assessment Survey and save this to your desktop
  2. Email the completed self-assessment survey with SU ID and contact information to lac@syr.edu
  3. You will be contacted to schedule a free consultation with a School Psychologist
  4. If you have any additional questions, please contact ODS at 315-443-4498

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If you would like to learn more about our office, please click here to read out FAQs

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