McLane Scholars – SummerStart

Syracuse University’s SummerStart is a program designed to address the transition from high school to college, and introduces students to academic, social, and cultural life at Syracuse University. Students who attend get a head start on everything from coursework to social skills, confidence and leadership.

University College/SummerStart has partnered with the Office of Disability Services to offer additional programming intended to address the specific concerns of students with disabilities. In addition to the full SummerStart programming, the Office of Disability Services (ODS) facilitates a mandatory 1-credit introductory seminar course designed to address both the academic and social-emotional aspects of University life. The course will introduce students to the concept of disability as diversity, and the social construction of disability. Students will have the opportunity to be trained on various forms of assistive technologies and will meet weekly with our learning support specialist outside of class-time to obtain supplemental academic support and tutoring.

In addition, a few outstanding students will be selected as McLane Scholars, and will receive funding that covers the up to the full expenses associated with SummerStart. The McLane Scholarships were established in honor of Brian McLane ’69, a champion for the rights of individual with disabilities, and one of Syracuse’s strongest disability advocates. These McLane Scholars will be chosen based on their desire to engage with ODS, and will be provided additional academic and social activities throughout their time at Syracuse University. They will be recognized as potential leaders in the disability community.

If you are interested in applying to be one of the McLane Scholars, please include the following in a 500 word essay:

  1. Discuss how your disability has contributed to the person you are today; for example, strengths that have been developed and/or enhanced because of the presence of a disability. Please include any challenges that you identify as a potential barriers, both environmentally as well as those that are unique to you.
  2. Explain how you think SummerStart will contribute to your success at Syracuse University.
  3. Describe what excites you most about coming to Syracuse. Include in your response, why you chose Syracuse University.

To be considered for financial need, and in a separate brief essay, please share why you otherwise cannot afford to purchase a lap-top independently. This essay should include family circumstances and/or FAFSA estimated family contribution.

All McLane Scholars will receive a Smart Pen regardless of income or financial need.

Students are required to complete their *SummerStart application before their essay and application will be considered for the scholarship.

Applications to be a McLane Scholar are now being accepted! The Deadline to apply for the McLane Scholarship is June 2nd!

Important dates to remember:

  • Summer Session II: Monday, July 3, to Friday, August 11
  • Students arrive for move-in on Saturday, July 1
  • Orientation is July 1 and July 2
  • Program dates are July 1 to August 11