Are you thinking about coming to Syracuse University and interested in learning about the various resources and services available to students with disabilities at SU?

If so, click Prospective Students and submit a request for information!

Current and Incoming Students interested accessing disability-related accommodations to address educational barriers can follow the steps outlined below:

    • Upload any relevant documentation that indicates a history of a disability.
      • Please note, do not wait to register with our office due to not having proper documentation. Your assigned access counselor will discuss any specific third party documentation we may need during your ‘Welcome Meeting’ and the steps necessary if additional information is needed.  Our first priority is meeting you, not reviewing paperwork.
      • For questions regarding documentation, please review our documentation guidelines
  • Within two business days, you will receive an email with your assigned counselor. Please call ODS at 315-443-4498 and schedule your ‘Welcome Meeting’.
  • During this meeting, your Access Counselor will chat with you about the barriers you are experiencing, reasonable accommodations to address these barriers and your next steps. Our goal is to keep the meeting relaxed and comfortable. Together, you will develop a comprehensive access plan and initial ‘letter of accommodation’ for faculty is generated.
  • Renew Accommodations: Students can request their renewal letter through our ‘Disability Resource Portal’ via MySlice, if there are no changes needed, no appointment will be necessary.
  • Accommodations are fluid and students can meet with their access counselor at any point to discuss barriers and re-evaluate needs. We know that questions may arise after you meet, experience challenges and/or have concerns. If this happens, we encourage you to reach out to your access counselor to assist you and answer any questions you may have. One of the biggest mistakes students make is waiting too long to address concerns.