Note-Taking Assistance

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) may determine that the provision of note-taking assistance is an effective auxiliary aid/service for qualified students with disabilities.  The determination of the specific type of note-taking assistance is made on an individualized basis through an interactive process with an ODS Counselor.

Types of Note Taking Assistance may include, without limitation:

  • Use of a laptop or tablet in class
  • Use of a recording device
    • Live Scribe Pen (these pens provide the ability to record a lecture and sync one’s own notes to the audio recording)
    • Note Taking Apps (click here for a list of applications)
    • Sonocent Audio Note Taker (software designed to record lectures paired with PowerPoint)
  • Use of a Peer Note-Taker
    • Student enrolled in the same class as the student who requires note-taking assistance will post his or her own notes to the Notes Drop Off Portal

Students may request note-taking assistance at any time before or during the semester.  This includes students authorized to receive a peer note-taker.

Where it is determined, that use of a peer note-taker is an effective and necessary auxiliary aid, the service will not be conditioned on the availability of a peer note-taker, or subject to the discretion of faculty to provide notes.

If a student is unsure of the optimal type of note taking assistance and needs guidance, the student should call the office to schedule a meeting with an ODS Counselor or a member of the ODS Note-Taking Staff.

Students who receive note-taking assistance may contact the ODS Note-Taking Coordinator via email ( to report problems or issues.