6th Annual Faculty & Staff Recognition Ceremony

The Center for Disability Resources (CDR), formerly known as Office of Disability Services (ODS) would like to formally recognize individual faculty and staff who go above and beyond for students. Although it is a collaborative effort, there are individuals who have exceeded our expectations and embrace our culture of empowering students, inclusion, and celebrating the uncelebrated.

Otto the Orange in Wheelchair drawing
A colored pencil drawing of Otto the Orange in a wheelchair, overlapped by a graphite pencil drawing of Crouse College.

While we were unable to physically gather for our 6th Annual Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony this year, we still wanted to recognize the following individuals who were nominated for their exemplary support to The Center for Disability Resources and to students who work with our center.

Thank you for partnering with us in our mission to empower students, enhance equity, and provide a platform for innovation and inclusion.

Recognized Faculty and Staff:

Theodore Cateforis, faculty, Department of Arts and Music Histories; Nominated by Ian C.

“He has helped me explore my interest in music while participating in his classes and always giving me wonderful feedback on my work.”

Alexander Corsello, faculty, School of Information Studies; Nominated by Bethany H.

“His outreach was respectful of [the students’] privacy, but also showed how much he cares for his students and their well-being and progress.”

Walter Freeman, faculty, Physics Department; Nominated by Bethany H.

“He constantly utilizes universal design methods in his pedagogy. He stood out in his resourcefulness and support of students. I know our staff always appreciates his enthusiasm.”

Michael Gill, faculty, Cultural Foundations of Education; Nominated by Bailey K.

“He has been the best professor that I ever had at SU. He gave me the confidence to be my best self and best student.”

Matthew Grzecki, faculty, English Department; Nominated by Kirston M.

“He was eager to help me, he went out of his way to help, providing feedback on stories, he gave me positive feedback, he gave me response, criticism, in a way no one else had, which was encouraging to me.”

Diane “Dee” Muller Katovich, staff, Inclusive U; Nominated by Ian C.

“She has always been happy to help me. She helped me to share my music playlists with the other students and her Zoom meetings have helped us to be together while at home.”

Eric Kingson, faculty, School of Social Work; Nominated by Anonymous

“Through his generosity, kindness, understanding, knowledge, encouragement, assistance, guidance, lessons, projects, jokes, Magic tricks, books, and wisdom that he continues to inspire and motivate me to work hard, do my best, and try and share with the world some of what he shared with me.”

Sarah McCoubrey, faculty, School of Art; Nominated by Ian C.

“She has helped me explore my passion for art and be a better artist. She always encourages me to do my very best work and always gave me good feedback.”

James O’Connor, faculty, SoundBeat Bird Library; Nominated by Ian C.

“He has helped me to use my passion for music in new ways and has supported me all along the way. He gave me many opportunities I would not have had without his help and believing that I was capable of doing the work.”

Gina Pauline, faculty, Sports Management Department; Nominated by Bri Q.

“Very accepting and understanding…[and] about making things understandable and helping any student get to where they want to be in life.”

Jessica Redmond, faculty, Nutrition Science and Dietetics Department; Nominated by Bri Q.

“Very accommodating and helpful when it came to me having a disability [and] very helpful in instruction and explaining things in sizable amounts so anyone could process what she was saying…very accepting and understanding of all students.”

Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Schewe, faculty, Sociology Department; Nominated by Jennifer H.

“She has helped me see that the accommodations I require to access learning aren’t obtrusive or an extra demand on her–which I have felt with other professors. Instead, she made sure I knew that part of teaching is accommodating students’ needs.”

Brianna Shults, staff, Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education; Nominated by Meghan B.

“She was always there for me when I needed something or if I had questions about my internship. She is just a great person.”

Ralph Zito, faculty, Department of Drama; Nominated by Christina P.

“Ralph’s commitment to equity and his willingness to learn how to best support students with disabilities in the performing arts has allowed for an enjoyable and enriching working relationship. His genuine care for students and holding a social justice-focused vision is admirable, and I am grateful that he is an advocate within our campus community.”